Rattley brake pads!

I’ve just had my brakes upgraded to the ali-belled discs,rs-14 pads,goodridge hoses and castrol srf combo…Unfortunately,the pads in my nearside front caliper rattle.I’ve just fitted a new caliper ‘plate’(to hold the pads in place) and two new locating pins,but the noise is still there I appreciate that there might be some movement,but in this one caliper there is enough to generate a noise whilst driving and it’s v. annoying!!I havn’t fully bedded the discs and pads in yet,so perhaps there are still some ‘high spots’ which is causing a snagging between surfaces.I was wondering if anyone else had experienced this?If so,what’s the cure?! Thanks for your help…

Pagids are racing pads so aren’t designed to be as friendly as road ones. I’m lucky and haven’t had any probs with mine but have heard several reports of squeal but the only rattling comments I seem to remember was from a missing/incorrectly installed back plate that comes with them - anybody?!


ps. Braided hoses and SRF in the morning before Brands on Monday.

Thanks IDG.
My new back plates were from Lotus.Your reply seems to suggest that I should have got some back plates from pagid when I bought my pads…Is that correct?


The Pagids ( and others ) are not quite the same size as the OE pads ( apparantly) anyhow what you need are some “buffers” they stick to the caliper body and take up the clearence between the pad metal and the caliper top and bottom - er I hope you understand that without a drawing !!

Should be able to get those from a dealer I understand.

You also have to bend the springs to apply more pressure.

Having just spent a few hours with Lakeside (tops chaps, I’m now an expert), it could be the bottom retaining pin on the front caliper that’s rattling. If you gently bend the bottom of the retaining plate/spring out a little it’ll stop the pin moving about (the mod apparently appears on S2 Elises).


Thanks for the pointers chaps…
AndyD Have spoken to Lotus and indeed they do produce ‘buffers’.I have ordered some so hopefully should have them early next week.Just hope they are pretty self-explanitory to fit(I’m not to mechanically minded!)
IDG You’re right!It is the bottom retaining pin that is a slightly looser fit and is the cause of the rattle.I’ll have a look at bending the plate slightly as you advise and,along with my buffers hopefully we’ll get a result!
Thanks to both of you for your help and advise.