Rallycross Exige ?

I was just asked if I read that an Exige had won its class in an rallycross

It was in Motoring News last week or this week …

Anyone seen that ? - or is it a wind up



Yes its true, saw the car up at Knockhill, taking part in a rallycros event they had there.


It was at Max Power live on the K&N stand - very different!!

Hi Andy

Yep - got this week’s Motorsport News in front of me

It’s driven/owned by Mike Dresser, who was competing at Anglesey.

Quote “He won all 3 of his qualifying heats, & set FTD at 3m11.74secs for 4 laps of the undulating circuit, before walking away with the final”.

There’s even a picture of it too. It would appear that all the cars have “Men & Motors” sunstrips, so I presume the series features on sattelite/cable TV.

Cheers Rob

Just read the article … sideways thinking I guess

Anyhow - he has a good answer to drooping door mirrors …

Just read this months CCC and there’s a feature on this - nice brakes … and 170 ft/lbs torque from a K series … it sayes …

But 2500 quid for a salvage Exige … good buy or what

Any pics?

Yup - There are pics !

But then CCC is rather thin these days … so pics help to pad it I guess

I see there’s some british Rallycross on the Men and Motors channel tonight at 19.00
I don’t know if the Exige is going to be on there, but I’m recording it just in case.

The car was crashed a couple of weeks ago - photo of it on its roof was in last week’s Motorsport News

That’s a shame.