Rally Monte Carlo

Anyone watching live stages on Monte? Watched two stages last night. Unbelievable. Now daylight stages and still unbelievable. Quality of coverage is excellent. On what was BT Sports, now TNT. Their transmission timings seem to be all over the place so you may have to chase it across the TNT channels.

I watched some on YouTube. Absolutely incredible cars.

I appreciate the road going Yaris GR is a mile away from the rally car but still very tempting

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It’s great coverage. The bravery and skill of the drivers is incredible.

The co-drivers are just as amazing. Some read and pace the delivery of their notes to the driver just by feeling how the car is moving, without looking out the window at all!

Watching on the Discovery + app makes it a bit easier to follow the schedule and you can also replay earlier stages if you can’t watch it live. It’s also worth checking the stage times on the official wrc.com itinerary rather than going by the TNT schedule.

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Thanks, Mark. I’ve just “Discovered” that my Sky subscription no longer gives free access to Discovery + but luckily I have access to all TNT channels so I’m not suffering too much. The difference in speed between WRC1 and WRC2 is amazing.

Since I wont have extra paid-for TV (there’s enough sh!te on Freeview) I watched the hour long report on ITV4.
Made all the better when you’ve driven some of those roads

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Great reminder, Steve. I meant to record but will get it on catch-up I expect.