Rally Ireland

Just back from very enjoyable trip to Rally Ireland. A high spot for me was hearing an engine in the distance, saying to my eldest" That sounds just like the Exige . . " A pure racing engine scream. Into view came an MGZR kitted out in S2000 form running in Group N in the hands of Roy White. Saw it a couple of times in the course of the event and always sounded sweet. Haven’t been able to discover state of tune or the tuner. but it finished. And it sounded loads better thanthe popping, banging backfiring WRC Focuses and Subarus, although they do hold their own charms.

Hi just saw your comment about MG ZR S2000, Car is Built & Prepared by Motor Sport Developments Ltd (msd-world.com) Pretty sure thats the address. Its a 2litre K series Normally asperated built by Judd & we at CHFab build the Shells.

Hi, Chris.
Thanks for that info.

Will check em out, just out of curiosity.

Followed it for saturday, decided against the Exige for the stage to stage action. But it could be done.

Found some great roads on the recce that I shall be returning to when it dries up.