RAF Barkston heath trackday video.


I went to check out the RAF Barkston Heath trackay (near Grantham)on sunday, and decided to book and afternoon session as there were a few free.

As not many of you will have been I’ve posted up a video of the 2 tracks.

There is a sprint course, which cars run on at 20 second intervals. This is a typical sprint course, very narrow, and plenty of things to hit if you get it wrong. The tarmac was excellent and smooth, but slippy in places where people had dragged on dirt.

The Drift course was a short but wide slalom with big hairpin on a concrete and tarmac mixed surface. It was slippy in the wet due to the surface canhes, but lots of fun, and nothing to hit.

I changed video camera on the day, and the mount was too low, but it will give you an idea of the place.



Looks quite tight and twisty…

You’ve got the same squeak in right hand turns that was bothering me towards the end of my last day at Silverstone. I was thinking engine mount, oil starvation, alternator belt - kaboom! (Well you’ve got to worry about something!)

Sounds like it is probably just a variation of the LSS “yip”?