RadioWorks Intermitedly ( Any thoughts )

Hi ive got a 2006 Exige s Which the radio ( Alpine ) works Intermitedly i know its under warranty but if its an easy fix/know problem it will save me booking it in
I even tried a different stero and the same problem so its not the head unit

any thoughts

Head unit loses power, or just radio reception?

The DAB aerial has often been known to pop of the back of the Blaupunkt, but not heard of any problems with FM apart from poor reception with Xenon’s fitted.

the car is fitted with the new non dab alpine unit
it has power still but just no sound ( even from the cd )
its almost if its going through an amp thats not powering up


I had a problem with my head unit when changing the speakers, head unit was working but no sound, ended up being one of the speakers touching the metal behind and shorting out. maybe worth checking this?

thanks will give it try ( look )

Sorted 1 Faulty speaker to blaim

Many thanks