well after having to drive back from portsmouth today noticed that i was getting splashes of water on my windscreen so stopped and pulled over looked around and did not see much till i looked into the front grill only to see drips of coolant all over the the crash box. so take this as a hint that my rad is on its way out, not losing much water at the moment. just wondering if anyone has ever fitted a new rad theirselfs .dont want to folk out near to 1k again when only just had the heater blower and resistor pack done. so thought that its time i get my hands dirty and start gettinghands on with the thing before it makes or breaks me due to repair bills

just check hose clip mine,was loose i thought my rad had split you can see it through top grill easy to tighten up.

Changing the rad is pretty straight forward, just a little time consuming if you’ve never taken the clam off before - should take around 1/2 day, but allow a weekend to be sure. Sometimes can be difficult seperating the AC rad (if you have AC), but I’d still give it a go if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty.

cant see the clip as its coming from the bottom end of the rad . yeah i have A/C. have told me mate so we are doing it next month as will have more time to do it, so be ok i think.

What’s the current favoured replacement?
Pro alloy or Lotus motor sport?

Lotus rad is a little cheaper (�20.00 or so)

The proalloy rad is truely a work of art and has a fantastic reputation. They are pure alloy fabricated lotus porn!!!

Proalloy triple pass can be seen here

Pro Alloy, all the way

Proalloy there is no other choice :wink:

Just thought i would update on my rad. Just had the bill and it was �700 but i only had to pay 200 of it as the AA paid the rest which helps my pocket(did have to make it breakdown). The rad they used was by proalloy to not top range but a full ally rad so better than before. Got Maidstone sports cars to do it and can say they have been most helpfull with me, so will defo be using them again and would recommend them to anyone that is in the Maidstone area.
He also said an 09 plate exige had the same problem but Lotus would not pay for it and he even had the extended warrenty.