Radiator bust - suggestions while clam is off?

Greetings. My sturdy plastic ended radiator is spraying cooloant across the windscreen intermittently. It is being replaced with an aluminium ended one next week. While the clam is off, are there any other things that one should think of doing at the same time? Heater? Fan etc? As the major cost is going to be labour I thought I would ask those more experienced than I (ie just about everyone)

The car is an 03 111s.


where are you getting the rad from?

One thing I would check is the various bonnet hinge connectors. Mine fell off and they were a right booger to mess with clam on!

One thing I would change is the upright for the front towing eye - get a nice stainless steel one!

Eliseparts radiator. Good suggestion re the towing eye mount. I need to find out if the S2 version is the same as the S1.


I got my alloy rad from Pro alloy, fits perfectly!!

I got my alloy rad from Pro alloy, fits perfectly!!


looks like they make some good kit but don’t like the branding on the fins.

Not sure how you can compare the tech specs with the eliseparts one they are both about the same price


You don’t have to have the “PRO” branding, I haven’t got it on mine. I know Wayne at Pro Alloy quite well. They will fabricate any one off ally stuff you want. The quality is awesome!!


fwiw, theres a new rad on ebay with a buy it now of 125

Interestingly, after a 2 week wait to get the car in and all prepped for tuesday, I got a call from eliseparts to say that the radiator they were sending out for me was faulty and they do not have other stock. I phoned pro alloy - closed for business. Eliseparts are trying to muster a motorsport radiator in time, I will be phoning proalloy on monday, hoping they can get on to Steve Williams by tuesday.

Will keep you posted.

Hi Andrew,
I have a good suggestion in case you haven�t found a radiator, yet.
Nikos (aka Lotusnick) ordered today from Sinclaires an upgraded higher capacity 100% Alloy radiator for �250 +VAT.
The radiator was in stock and I should have it tomorrow morning, to fit it in his car.
If you need any feedback/photos let me know

Thanks for all the advice here. Wayne at proalloy was really helpful and offerered to send one out at short notice - he had a few partially completed ones and had one sorted. I believe it will be with Steve Williams today.

Just spoke to Steve Williams. The service from proalloy was fantastic - delivered yesterday. Steve described the part as a work of art and said it was almost too nice to put under the clam!

Thanks again for the tip there.


All done and a trackday shortly afterwards. The temp never goes above 88 on the track now. The oil also seems to stay cooler as well, peaks at 105-110 on track.

All in all I am really happy with the setup now.
Cheers and thanks everyone for all the help.