Racing / Krypton Green S2 Exige Pics?

Does anyone have any good pics of a Racing Green or a Krypton Green S2 Exige? I looked through the “Owners Cars” section, but didn’t find any.

check out this link…

(its right at the bottom) more on page9

its full of S2 Exige pics

Get some old copies of EVO. Richard Meaden’s Exige is Krypton Green. Good article of it at the Nurburgring this month.

Nice colour but a bit too strong for me.

Perfect! Thanks Bob & Davey.

if you are anywhere near JCT600 in Leeds, they use a krypton green one as their demo- which im going to drive today!

Saw your posts regarding the colour Bob. My S2 Exige is magnetic blue with the black wheels and I think it looks fantastic (pics in the photo section on here)

I dont actually like the look of the silver wheels and the biggest plus point of the black ones is cleaning them. Peice of cake.

To be fair though I dont think I have seen an Exige in a colour I didnt like. I think the size and lines of the car make most colours look good.

I like the Chrome Orange and Krypton Green but think they are just a bit too much for an everyday car (which mine is) If it was a 3rd / 4th car just for summer & track use then the louder the better but I think you might look like a bit of a d1ck driving around in a luminous green sports car in december!

Whatever colour you go for you will get noticed. I lost count of the stares and thumbs up I got today.

i ordered my black one 2day with air con!! cant wait until october!!