Appear to have gone T*** up. I have been trying to order exhaust and cat bypass with no luck and when i checked site there is now a notice that they have ceased trading. Hope no one is waiting for order from them I have been lucky. So my problem now is where to get Supersports exhaust. Any advice would be welcome.

Only other place I’ve seen the Janspeed Supersports for sale is PTP.

Fergus at LotusEcosse has all the Janspeed bits, and I found them at better prices.

I’m sure he could send some stuff as far as Englend…

I have a s/s janspeed cat pipe if interested let me know and I am sure a deal can be done.

Uldis, what about the 'zost on your and AndyD’s car? I thought you’d mention that. You no longer happy with it? Or just keeping it a secret?


It’s only the silencer part (and sportscat) that I have from Powerspeed.
But the rest (manifold and flexi part) are original Janspeed.

Recently the flexi part broke and had to change it.

As it turned out, it was cheaper and faster to get it from LotusEcosse, hence my recommendation.

But now as you mentioned, the Powerspeed end of the silencer broke as well. It cracked at the silencer cap, the exit side. Called Powerspeed and they sent some repacking and an end cap, but it’s missing a bit.
I’m planning just to take it out and reweld it, but other than that, it’s working fine.

I gave up with the Janspeed as the insides just kept falling apart and its not possible to repack it.

The powerspeed has been fine for me so far.

Mark,How are PTP?

Thanks Uldis will check them out too. ps only just over the border by few miles

If you mean who are PTP.