race wear

hey guys
i’m lookin for suggestions of where to get race wear,i.e suit,gloves,shoes.i got the demon tweeks catalogue with the msa pack thoughi’ve heard they are pretty pricey.
i like the alpinestars range if anyone knows of a specific link.

I’ve just bought a race suit from. AWS.

They were really helpful. I went for the NCX500 Nomex and Carbon X, made to measure, in my own colour scheme with sponsor logo, and they managed to turn it around in under a fortnight.

Good price too. Give them a call, 01233 638498. I spoke to Nick.


Excellent link, thanks Will

I got my suit from AWS too. ALthough ive got to get a New Helmet, boots, gloves and nomex Tshirt this week in time for Snetterton next weekend so im going to GPR to get them as they are quite local.
Also if you are a memeber of seloc which i think costs about �28, cant remember exactly but one of the benefits is 20-25% off at AWS so its worth it on anything over �300.


Nick Whale offer 10% off with LoT membership.


cheers guys.