Race Suits.. ?

Following on from the sad news about Tony’s car going up in flames, I was thinking it’s time to get a suit and to hell with what people think of be-suited drivers.

I’m looking at a Sparco Tech 5 ( 3 layers, ultra light. More info here CLICK )… I’ve found one for �399+VAT (�468) at ASPTrading (www.asptrading.co.uk). Demon Theives want �646 inc vat… :astonished:

Has anyone heard of this company, or know of a supplier that can beat it ?

I’ve been thinking the same too, after seeing how quickly a car can be engulfed in flames - bloody scary stuff!


Seem they have some NEW on Ebay for �350, from a reputable trader.


That’s quite a saving.

Just need to find one to fit my tall frame

There’s loads of 3 layer suits that are a damn site cheaper than that sparco. The x light 300 is advertised as being 30% lighter than standard 3 layer suits and my OMP suit is just over 2kg and was about �220.

I guess it depends on whether you want the x-light or the wallet heavy!

I went in GPR at Silverstone last year, simply to see what they had to offer. I then popped upstairs and started looking at a suit in a non commital sort of way. After trying on a few cheaper 3 layer suits ~�250 I spotted there was a rail at the end with various bits and bobs on. I ended up walking out with a 12 month (but new obv) old suit which RRP’d at �450 for �230. As I dont race the date stamp is irrelevant to me. The guys were very friendly too. I recommend you go for a poke about and try a few on. The size numbering system between manufacturers is the same but their actual sizes are totally different. I bought an OMP which is at least 2 steps different to the Sparco!


I agree!, Wear a suit for trackdays, just because you wear a race suit does not mean you think you are fast, just means you have an understanding of safety

will it take someone to break there neck before people start using a HANS Device, I have bought a HANS device for racing and think I’ll probably use it on trackdays aswell to get used to wearing it, at the end of the day its about safety.

What OMP suit do you have Azrael ? The light one on Demon Thieves is just as expensive as a Sparco.

Now you guys are making me feel guilty because of not even having a harness!

I have a Sparco race suit (from hillclimbs and sprints last season) and feel guilty 'cos I leave it at home on trackdays. Will wear it at Donny…

Have ordered one for my + for the missus. Hopefully be here before Saturday 29th.

I went for the Sparco Tech 5 FWIW.

So who’s going to organise some Exiges.com branded ones?

D’OH that’s a good idea.

These people will sell you one with an Exiges.com + car logo embroidered on it


They even have an Exige/Motorsport Elise pic on their NOMEX page.



ps. Doh!, I’m wrong - see here

Now you guys are making me feel guilty because of not even having a harness!


Your seat belt is fine in a frontal type impact, but I wonder what would happen if you got a side-on crunch??

Then again, I suppose you should go for a seat with higher sides as well !!

Have ordered one for my + for the missus. Hopefully be here before Saturday 29th.

I went for the Sparco Tech 5 FWIW.

Oh no - that means as welll as having engine envy at Doony my old OMP suits will leave me with suit envy as well - Audi engine, fancy Sparco suits - wouldn’y mind be a �1 behind Mr Admin

Totally agree with the sentiment of this thread - better safe than sorry so it will be helmet and suit for me at Donny.

Yeah, I always helmet and suit.

I had a fire in me Caterham and once you get fuel on fire, at 20 odd psi wazzing all over, it get a bit hot, so I can’t see the point of having one, and not using it.

I recomment a fireproof balaclava too. I stops the fire going inside and burning your face, and it soaks up the sweat so your helmet doesn’t get cheesy.

Mmmmmm…Cheesy helmet.

Nice, not!

Sorry, just cant help myself at times.

Sorry, just cant help myself at times.

Have you tried outsourcing?