Need to have a bit of a clearout so i thought someone on here may be able to make use of this.
Its an s2 elise rolling chassis with screen and crashbox with professionally strengthend engine mounts, i was going to build a monster engined car so had it done as a precaution.
All chassis work carried out by a race car chassis manufacturer and is bonded and rivetted as per original.
Full exige s2 body inc, front clam, inspection covers, headlamps, roof, doors, rear clam, engine cover, spoiler, wing panels, all removed from a new car so all matching colour and in excellent cond.
Civic type R engine, box ecu, shafts etc etc from a 06 plate car which has covered 23,000 mls.
Full set of exige s2 alloys and tyres (cross spoke design)
All the dash and wiring etc is still in the chassis, would make an excellent project for the winter months ahead
�offers around �8k for the lot, i may break it up if enough interest.






Not shown in the pictures are the exige s2 wheels and rear subframe and suspension, please note the black panels are only placed on the chassis and not properly fitted

How much is the orange van, & can you guarantee that Nigel hasn’t touched it?

Hello There Just seen your ad for chassis etc Rover or Toyota Engine Chassis Is the Honda complete as picture. Down Wigan way tomorrow Wensday may have a look give me a ring or pm thanks a lot Peter 01768 868154 Before 8.30am

Sal, i cant tell u how interested i am in this!

How complete is the body? Are all the lights, brakes, subframe etc complete? What year is it?

All standard kit? or are there any fruity bits? ie, nitrons roll bars etc?

Is the engine complete with box? don’t suppose its JDM spec by any chance? Does it come complete with an exhaust?

You state in the ad it comes with a crash box and screen?

Where abouts are u based?


07976 637553

Hi Alex

Although not shown on the pictures the complete rear subframe/suspension and a set of s2 exige wheels and tyres are included.
It is a rover engined chassis so ideal for a conversion, all the suspension is std, the crashbox and screen are fitted to the tub, the engine is complete and still in the car (civic) i can simply cut the front off the civic and it can go complete.
You would obviously still need some parts to complete ie-engine mounts, exhaust, and the driveshafts would have to be modified.
I can put you in touch with some companies who can help with those if needed.
Im based in Bolton near Manchester but can arrange delivery if required

Hi Chris, I can see car on Ebay, however usual bargain hunter stuff !! V interested in package minus Honda running gear, would you split, if so what would you be looking for it, I have a lovely dry sumped K that would sit nicely in the engine bay Cheers Tony

Hi Tony, yes i would split and would knock �2k off price if you dont want the engine, the dry sumped k sounds good, is it one of Simon Erlands

Hi Chris, engine is built by Janspeed and currently is running in my MGTF cup car, we are running at Cadwell 17th August with you guys :slight_smile: Unfortunately I am carrying at least 400kg more weight :frowning:

Is this car still available?


Sorry sold … to Junks still got the engine available though

Is the engine a fly-by-wire jobbie ?

No its the last of the old style jobbies