Race Exige For Sale

Copied this from another site:“Dean Lanzante and Holly Mason’s car is for sale, pics I believe can be seen at Paul’s website somewhere under a Silverstone race meeting heading I think.Very basic spec is a Minister built 200+ bhp engine, and the car weighs 600kgs. The car I believe won the AMOC series this year, beating Gavan Kershaw (Lotus test driver in his Exige), although I need to check that.If anybody is interested please mail me for a contact email address.Cheers Jolly Green Giant posted 12:28pm --------------------------------------------------------------------------------I’m going to ask what you think a racing Exige is worth Mark…?This has got to be the best perpared and maintained Loti ever, i have no idea of its relability or whether it would be much use on the road but it is beautifulIt has had Large amounts of time (huge) and money spent on making it the ulitmate Exige Racershame dean can’t drive for toffee…HeheheLov Yoo 46 posted 12:58pm --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Um - no idea to be honest. It wouldn’t be much use on the road, so it needs to the right person at the right time to come along wanting a serious trackday / racing car. Autobytel cars were being sold for a little over �20k, and were possibly slightly quicker, but required much more maintenance than virtually every Lotus I have seen.I know Paul G was having kittens over it - thought be might be interested!Cheers paul posted 1:05pm --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mark - would love it but going to see a couple more 3200GT’s later this week… Liam posted 1:18pm --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Beautiful car! IIRC, further spec includes:Penske dampers with remote reservoirsUprated front ARBRear ARBBespoke wiring loomAdjustable rear wingThere’s loads more, it’s full of trick bits and pieces.Photo from Paul’s site AK47 posted 1:31pm --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Saw this on a trailer on the M11 last night. Looked good even going backwards. Jolly Green Giant posted 4:31pm --------------------------------------------------------------------------------AND HE WANTS �50k FOR ITI KID YOU NOT Mr Floppy posted 4:59pm --------------------------------------------------------------------------------does anyone know how to get tea out of a keyboard?”