Ra! spect!!


A short story. Yesterday exiting a roundabout off the A243 onto the 1 mile dual-carriage way to the next roundabout that gets you access to the M25 Heathrow bound and…

…gave a little blat and glanced in my rearview mirror to see a 360 Modena (rosso red, no surprise!;)) weaving and stalking through the traffic to catch me. Not one to put Colin’s legacy to shame, I gave it horns to take the lead and needing the fast lane (slow traffic) decided to shift out, to realise that Mr 360 was already upon me…that V8 roaring at red line as he rampaged past me. F***ing hell… Ra!spect! 360 Dude , whereever you are…that is one fine piece of exotica!!

If only you had stuck around to let me whip your ass on the next roundabout!

Reg’s - Carttman


Erm… rosso means red

Erm…“rosso” for Ferrari, “Guards” for Porsche and “Calypso” for Lotus.


Some marketing BS, rosso in italian means red!
It’s not a type of red, it literally means red!

Yes, I realise that, but hey, I’ve checked and it doesn’t rank very highly on the GIVEAF***OMETER!

Can I pass you a hanky to wipe your brow


PS: Hope you read this in the light-hearted nature in which it was sent / and in which we value this forum