R888 qu's

Hi guys,

Just about to order some R888’s from Toyo for my S2 Exige, are there different compounds, if so what compound should I get? (I have seen some debate about running different compounds front and rear) The majority will be road use but some track too. Also, are the standard sizes the best bet or are there any other recommendations?! Can someone also explain the difference between the different load ratings please? Cheers!


Hi Jonny just swapped from AO48’s to R888 purchased from Hanger 111 [email protected] .Not sure about compound but they are brilliant mate (mostly track), I’ll not be going back to Yoko’s anytime soon. I also trust Marianne & Greg from Hanger 111 to supply nothing but the best kit. For road what with our weather I use T1-Rs on my old alloys as the R888’s very blooming slippy in the wet.

Had a presentation yesterday from a TOYO representative on thir new tire: Toyo Proxes R1R. Rated above T1-R, but stil very streetable.

The man from TOYO told me that the R888 come in 3 different compound sorts (R, RR, RRR). The more R’s the softer and more grippir they are. He didn’t recommend them for normal streetuse as they really need to be heated up before they give you the real grip.