R500 engine

I’m probably going to get shot down in flames here, but I’ll play my I’m new to Exiges card. Any reason why the Caterham R500 spec engine can’t be put into an Exige?

I think cost is a big factor - I think I read somewhere �15k for the R500 engine I think folks are going down the Honda/Audi route for considerably less outlay than that.

You may find it doesn’t fit to well as the R500 is dry sumped (i believe) and has a belt driven scavenger pump.

But as Benja says, cheaper route is the Honda/Audi engine transplants (personally i would have the Audi one )

There are a good few cars out there with K series engines and power outputs very close to and if not exceding R500 territory at the crank. At the wheels is a slightly different story as the exhaust system is compromised due to the layout of the car.


very true, the exhaust system is always a trouble with the Exige/Elise
Phil, are you still running Geary’s back box?
On the top of that, the R500 engine needs rebuilding after a couple of thousand miles