R/C Cars (NLC)

Can anyone offer any advice on remote control cars. Im looking to get a Tamiya Expert Built 1:10 scale Hummer. I have failed to find anyone in the UK who can supply so looks like an internet purchase from the States. Im a little confused about radio handsets, electronic speed controllers, frequencies, etc and just looking for some advice so I don’t waste my money. PS there a Lotus Elise Motorsport available from HPIin the Sprint Series http://www.hpi-europe.com/

yeh, I’ve seen one in the model shop in Hereford. Spoke to the guy about it. If its the one your talking about its about 2ft long and ‘clear’ body. There in stock. Think the name is ‘Hereford Model Centre’ if its not let me know and ill find out. [email protected]

Antthanks for the tip…I’ll have a search for that shop. Not sure what you mean by “clear” body. The one I want has what is known as the slantback bodyshell and comes pre-painted in US military colours.