Quicky - LHS Engine Mount

Is this the part off of an MGF? The gearbox side one I’m on about.

Was planning to remove the rear clam, fit a PRRT, heater valve and an oil pressure gauge and oil temp gauge… But couldn’t get the mounting pods for the gauge

so how yah gonna use an engine mount to house some guages then RL ??

BTW - more seriously… what recipe are you going to use for the PRRT - i fancy this instead of the remote stat

Sadly wasn’t able to get the gauge pods so project is on hold again

Rox, I was gonna go for the setup on Carlo’s site here: http://web.tiscali.it/elise_s1/index.htm

I found an old gearbox lying around my friends place the other day, it happened to off an MGF and the LHS engine/gearbox mount appears to be the same.

You considered the Brooke Kensingston centre gauge mount?


Cool, mount is starting to knock quite a bit now!

B-K centre gauages, good idea… What I’d really like is something mounted into RHS of the steering wheel so may have a browse of the ol’ demon theives and see what they have as well

I was thinking of getting something made up, to match that curved bit above the the lights buttons but haven’t had time and looking at the bit it could be quite tricky and therefore expensive to get right.