Quicksilver Cat Back

Anyone got any experiences? I just won an ebay auction for one, didn’t have time to research it.

Had a couple of different quicksilver exhausts on mine. Tried the titanium through the diffuser before finally getting then to build a prototype GT3 style over the diffuser, repackable. Very impressed with both.

Unfortunately no direct experience of the model that was on ebay. Only comment was that it seemed a bit odd that they were selling so soon. Good luck with it, I’m sure you’ve got a bargain, and even if you decide to sell you won’t lose.

Hi Johnny, not buying the 40 miles thing looking at the pics. Its older than that.

What you bought Damon, which one only I’ve had a bit of a mare with my Q/S manifold and titanium exhaust fit wise. Sounds great but the fit was and still is shocking! I have other issues. The the mega bucks I spent new (�1700 ) would have made better sense second hand so probably a good purchase mate and like I say it does sound good!

I’m looking forward to ftting Jim’s next week

The cat back was noise tested as 102db yesterday

Think I am going to be calling Jim as well.

I’ve spoken to Jim in the past about doing some development on the mapping with his exhaust systems so time to start me thinks.

Just check out my mega moan thread from Friday ! Have you seen Robs pictures of the black 240 cup with the GT3 in the rear wing thread…

Almost there…