Quick Release Kits

I found this quick release kit whilst searching around…

Anyone know if it is worth the money?

This is the link - doh !!

What quick release kit - where?

Link to page now added - sorry, I hate it when I do that

Saw it at some stage, was thinking on buying it, but heven’t.

I would prefer one with 1/4 turn Dzus fasteners. That one still needs an Allen key.

Hmm? Tempting


My reasoning is simple here. I get so fed up with the standard fasteners, which always seem to corrode into one unit, or break off inside, or cross thread or whatever.

I must admit I was hoping for something like Uldis describes, which would really be quick release…

These seem more like “won’t break, cross thread or get stuck” than like “quick”…

Anyone else actually tried them??

Electric screwdriver ( with approriate bit) works well

Andy, d’you do anything to the screws to keep them loose? Or are you taking it on and off so much that you don’t need to?!


Yeh, Andy, I do that, but when the car is lowered, (as you know), it is difficult to get the tool underneath…

Anyone come across a ‘short’ Leccy scroo ??

I had a set of those. They save loads of time when removing the undertray, but they can be a bit fiddly to refit (Still quicker than doing up the standard stuff by hand).
Main problem was every time they were removed by a dealer, some of them would disappear, probably because they’re a bit fiddly, and it’s not easy to know when they’re properly locked in place.

I’ve had a set of these for ages but haven’t yet made time to fit it…



Good old copperslip but I use stainless button headed bolts - and change them quite regular - I have a huge box of e’m -

Mike, yep - get one with a handle that bends 90 degree then its no problem

Thanks Andy

get one with a handle that bends 90 degree then its no problem