Quick Release Fasteners

Has anyone tried to fit these things.
I’ve just spent a day trying to get them all to fit correctly and have now gone back to the old spire nuts.
It’s easy enough to fit the “recepticals” but the problem comes geting the springs the right height due to body panel thickness variation.
I lost track of how many times the shear panel came off in order to tweaK the springs annd then all the fasteners fall off due to poor fitting of retaining washers.
Is it me or has anybody else had this problem??

Nope, i had the same problem with the quick release type. It was taking longer than the regular fittings and i did not see the point of the frustration.

Answer was to fit Rivnuts and use cap screws, that way you don’t have to dig around for the c-clips and no matter how many times you take them off or put them on they don’t wear out. Now takes 5 minutes to take off the panels or put them on and i only need 1 allen socket and a 17mm spanner for the toe eyes. Had gotten to the point where each screw was a different size and needed the whole socket set to remove the tray.

Rivnut tool was not cheap but has paid for itself, have used them all over the car, also cap screws look so neat.

unless you do all the work on your own car I think its pointless - the dealer wont give you any credit for saving them time taking panels off and the chances are when you do look at them the last dealer buggered one up and put a an ordinary locker on in its place.

I fitted a stainless steel set…but after a few services most of them appear to have been replaced with standard ones!

Use button heads cap screws and buy a battery screwdriver and fit the right socket bit in it - will take you 5 mins to take em all out …

Well I’m glad I’m not alone…
Next time I have a good idea I will check on here first.
PS anybody want a free set???

I fitted a quick-release kit from Hangar111 but only to my diffuser-it works well.Its not worth fitting to the engine undertray as you dont really save any time.