quick question ...

Could someone please tell me how many speaker positions exist in the exige … 2 or 4 ?

(Or is the radio pretty useless.)


Forget putting a radio etc in your Exige - you’ll not be able to listen to it properly! Enjoy the engine/induction/exhaust noise instead

My mobile phone has a built in FM radio - so when in the Exige I listen to that - also doubles as a hands free facility


i had a feeling that would be the answer

seriously now … how many does it have ?

My cousin wants to buy my headunit and speakers which are stored in my wardrobe at the moment … if the exige only has 2 speaker positions ill sell him my stuff … if it has 4 ill keep what i have and fit it.

seriously now … how many does it have ?

AFAIK just two - in the rear bulkhead. Although I specced my car with the radio fitting kit, I’ve never considered fitting a radio since I took delivery!

ok then, time to sell my expensive bits and bobs to my cousin as it would sound piss poor being projected from behind anyway.

Ta for the info Mr Pesky

21 days and counting …

Don’t worry Pesky, it looks better with an aerial!

IPJ had loads of speakers in his. He put upgraded the main ones behind the seats, put little tweaters inthe coin trays and turned the foot rest into a Subwoofer!