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Ok - I hope you guys can offer advice - and or put me in touch with the right threads:- Braided hoses - same as Elise ?- SRF & Hoses get rid of sponge ?- Wheel balance - any issues with the likes of Kwick Fit sticking a jack under the wrong place ? ( better do it yourself ? )- Quick shift - the lever is quite vague but equally works fine - I was told get one ( who said that ? ) but can you mash the syncros by changing quicker ? I’ve already gone too quick 3-4th once … ( used to a dog box mmm … )- Brake pads - Pesky U use 1144’s ? - I use them for sprints and am very pleased with them - better than std pads ??- 190 conversion ? - I’m gonna talk with a rover bod 'cos it confuses me that Lotus cant get the map right but a guy can turn up at a sprint with a R25 and get 190 BHP with no issues ( he works for rover … ) something just doesn’t add up in this There’s gonna be more so please bear with me [image][/image]

Bloody hell Miniman, have you not thought of trawling the bbs yourself [image][/image]Brakes - definately fit braided hoses (same as Elise)& SRF fluid. Mintex 1144s or Pagid RS14s - as the pagids are a lot more expensive, why not try the 1144s first?Wheel balance etc - would always recommend that you go to somewhere you trust - local independent tyre specialist would get my business.Quick shift - really a no-brainer, although you may still “beat” the synchros!!190 Conversion - again well worth it, although perhaps waiting until the release of the “fettled” ECU which hopefully will cure the occasional 5500rpm misfire.HTH

Cheers Pesky - so much information out there I’m in overload mode !! Beers on me one day OK ? [image][/image]The wait for the new ECU seems a very good move to me !!