Question for Russ T

Russ,I seem to remember that your exhaust manifold was glowing red, well mine is as well !! What was the cause of yours ??Cheers

PhilIncorrect map! One or more cylinders is running lean - you know what that could result in!!!I’ll give Russ a ring to let him know you need assistance, before your piston(s) melt.

Phil, you definitely don’t want to run it like that…What is your exact spec?

Phil, you have mail.

Thanks Guys, i have not run the engine since as your right, i dont want melted pistons !!Russ,Exact spec is:-1227 cams32.5 mm inlet valves28.3 mm exhaustported headEBD long primary manifoldflexi cat pipeeliseparts silenceroriginal throttle bodies.The cams haven’t been fine tuned yet, i was going to go that before re-starting the engine.Where did you send the mail mate ?, i’m not going into work today as i feel very rough this morning [image][/image]

Phil, I sent it to whatever address was on your profile last night. Have resent to the yahoo address. You have bigger valves and a different exhaust back box to me - my latest map may be no good. Have you tried Bruno’s - he has the cat in place tho’.

Thanks Russ, got it ok, i have changed my profile now to the yahoo address. Not got Bruno’s yet…Bruno ???

Phil, sorry for the delay in answering. erm… I’m sorry but I can’t help you. I’ve got no laptop and therefore can’t load my mapping…but I’m sure that Dave at Emerald will mail it to ya. just give him a bell. to tell you the truth, a trip down south to Brixton is well worth spent money. every engine is different and you really want an exact mapping for your pot. having said your spec is very similair to mine apart from the fact that I have still the cat in place. good luck, mate !later,Bruno

Cheers Bruno, Karl has sent me your map which i’ll take a look at later, going to tackle timing the cams first before i start it up again, the rolling road is booked for the 13 August at Emerald but i must get it running without too many problems to drive down there.

ok, let us know about your progress…later,Bruno

WOW…the cam timing was waaayyyyy out, 70 on the inlet and 138 on the exhaust !!!Now set to 127 inlet and 109 exhaust (best i could do, but close enough!)Best �23 ever spent on a dial guage and magnetic stand [image][/image]