Question about Headlamp switches again

I have read previous posts that say the plastic flimsy dashboard knobs are sourced from Peugeot. I found this site - where I might find replacements to my headlamps and brights knobs that broke.

However, this website demands to know WHICH MODEL of Peugeot & since I am a Yank that knows zero about Peugeot models, could someone tell me a model and a range of years that would probably work?

Thanks in advance.

205 range - sorry not sure about the exact years but they are all the same as far as I know …

I am posting to this old thread to document the conclusion:

Last week I went to a Peugeot dealer near Stansted, asked them who their salvage yard was, went to the yard, showed them the broken headlamp knob, and they found 5 replacements in perfect shape (from 106’s, 206’s, 406’s) and charged me 2 quid!

I am chuffed because it’s better than Lotus USA and the Peugeot dealer’s option to purchase an entire switch assembly for $41.

Assume you happened to be over here on business/pleasure.

It becomes an expensive switch when you add the airfare!

Glad you got what you needed.