Quality... + Idle

Get this. Just wound down my window and with a crunch then a bang the glass fell straight into the door! B&C are to send out a chap to fix it thankfully…Also, now my map sensor has been connected, the idle has dropped a bit, around 1200 rpm most of the time, though occasionally dropping to below 1000 rpm for a while. Is this normal? I remember someone mentioned that it should idle at about 1500. Is this the official Lotus line, if so, my dealer should have been aware…?? The needle jumps up and down like a yo-yo, a very rough idle indeed - feels like it’s going to stall any moment. Comments welcomed please!

Mine idles at about 1250 and according to Lotus Engineer James Heskey… thats fine.My passenger window did exactly the same as yours, however Autoglass managed to put a nice circular scratch in the paintwork where the window winder goes round…Idle is apparently a fair bit lumpier if you have the 192 upgrade.Tim

Yes, I do have the 192 upgrade though I never got to drive it before it was done, so not sure if it’s any worse as a result. I’m wondering if it should be dipping below 1000 at any time though.

No, I don’t think it should go below 1000Like Tim (B7SHY), mine was set to 1250 and it’s much better for it.

No, I don’t think it should either… It should sit quite happily at 1250Tim