Quality build...not!

On removing the undertrays for a general clean I noticed some of the bolts were coated in ‘coolant green’

Oh joy HGF???

Upon inspection I found one of the yellow compressible hose clips had been rubbing on the ally coolant pipe where the socketed part starts (stat housing fits into the socket).

The bastard thing has worn a tiny hole in the pipe!

Could just as easily been a fuel line

could have been worse

had a similar thing happen to me at brands during the race, lost all my fluid didn’t notice the temp till it was too late

engine being stripped, don’t know the damage yet

yep when its hot it dissapears in seconds - lost the otter switch form my old Elan once and could not beleive it was empty buy the time I had stopped!

The pipe is steel - I got it off today. All four clips were rubbing on the pipe and another hole was on its way.

If you have a K it really needs checking.

Getting the hole braised up tomorrow.