Quaiffe diff for Honda S/C - which one?

Anybody running a Quaiffe diff in a S/C Honda Elise/Exige?

Which one to use? Whats your opinion? What price range?


We run Steve Taylor’s SC Honda Exige (Kinetic on here) in GT Cup and although I have never driven Steve’s car, I know he swears by his Quaife diff.

We had to change his gearbox at the start of the year and Steve ran the car without the diff in it and Steve didn’t like it at all, so we put the Quaife into his new gearbox.

I think they only do one type for that gearbox. I will ask John tomorrow and let you know.


I have a Quaife in my car highly recommend it!!!

it makes it nicer to drive on track you can ride the curbs touch the grass with one wheel and not spin out.

Pardon my ignorance here but are we talking about an LSD for honda converted cars ? 2 questions, how does it help on track and how much are they (part and installed) ?


The Quaife LSD for the Honda box is only available via CPL, Quaife wont sell one direct. CPL retail them at �525 + vat.

Having the box in and out (a right bastard of a job) plus stripping the box to fit the diff is about 10 hours labour

Other parts required would be gearbox oil obviously.


Anyone tried one of these:

available from ebay & supposed to make the job alot easier?