Quaife 6 Speed box

I will investigate further at the Autosport Show, next Friday. http://www.quaife.co.uk/catalogue/page35.htm

let me know…i’m interested in changing ratios, but a 6 speed box…non bad!

When I called them circa September, they said to expect it around March time…Definitely up for the 6-sp sequential using the std. casing (and therefore much cheaper)

I’ve done some quick calculations. Speed at 7800 rpm in each gear for the various gearbox options:Standard gearbox:1 452 763 1014 1285 156Lotus Ultra Close ratio box:1 472 733 914 1115 136Quaife 6 speed ‘h pattern’ box:1 452 663 864 1115 1376 164Quaife 6 speed sequential box:1 552 693 844 1015 1196 136Sorry I can’t do a nice, readable table.From these figures, it seems the h pattern quaife box is very similar to the Lotus UCR box, but with an extra gear for cruising. As 6th is even higher than the standard 5th gear, it’s unlikely you would be able to go beyond 137 mph using this box unless you have more than the usual 190 bhp. This kit seems like a good bet for most of us.The sequential box is a madman, you’d be changing gear pretty often with that one. Especially if you’ve got 270bhp! My only concern with this box, is the rather high 1st gear. It might put a bit of a strain on the clutch when practicing your emergency starts [image]http://www.exiges.com/ubb/NonCGI/images/icons/grin.gif[/image]David, is your rev limit still at 7800, or was it changed when you had the supercharger fitted? The sequential box would limit your top speed to 136mph at 7800 regardless of all that power. How would you feel about that. I reckon it’s about enough anyway [image]http://www.exiges.com/ubb/NonCGI/images/icons/smile.gif[/image]

BrendanThanks for the detailed info.As far as I know, Quaiffe make the gear cogs for the Lotus Ultra C/R.

TurboTechnics haven’t stipulated a new red-line, but advise a change at around 7,500 which is fine given the new torque curve.As for top speed, no, I wouldn’t be happy with 135 top speed. I’ve already had 140 out of the car. It got there quite quickly, and still had more to come.I was told you could choose your own ratios for the sequential, so I’d want 6th to end at around 150-160mph (which I think is where the std. box ends if you have the power to get it there)[This message has been edited by Admin5 (edited 15 January 2002).]

BrendanMany thanks for the ratio speed listings.I have the U.C.R. box & have always thought I would have been better off spending the money on the engine & keeping the standard box. I reckon a genuine 220 bhp with good torque would make it an interesting little drive.Trevor

quote:Originally posted by Admin5:I was told you could choose your own ratios for the sequential, so I’d want 6th to end at around 150-160mph (which I think is where the std. box ends if you have the power to get it there)Sound like you want the same ratios as their ‘h pattern’ gearbox. I was obviously going by the ratios on their site. According to their site, you do get a choice of final drive for the sequential, but the other options give even shorter gearing, and hence, even lower top speeds. Maybe they have more options they’re not telling us about?Trevor, I’ve been considering the U.C.R. box myself. Are you not impressed? If not, then why?

BrendanI think the U.C.R. box gives the impression on the road that you have gained access to power that was unaccessible before.Unfortunatly I don’t feel the advantage carries over to the track, yes you gain a little on the exit of the apex, but lose out on some of the straight bits.It’s an expensive mod & I,m sure I would be better off with more engine performance, after all the box can only help use the power you have, & thats not a lot in the Exige.Trevor

Thanks for the impressions, Trevor. I’ve tried to do some rough maths to see what kind of performance gains come with the U.C.R. box, and as far as I can tell the gains are very small. Although each gear give better acceleration than the normal box, you will obviously spend more time in higher gears, where you will lose out.To me, the key consideration is not the extra performance, but fun! If you’re changing up more often, the car SEEMS quicker. Because it feels better, I think I still want this 'box, but it does seem a bit expensive for such a small performance gain. More power is obviously going to be more effective, but I have long term reliability concerns.