Quaife 5 Speed Dog box for Elise / Exige

BRAND NEW Quaife 5 speed 'Dog’engagment gearbox for Elise / Exige. Two final drives with it - a 3.9 and a 4.2.
(Originally intended for my motorsport elise but change of plan when went the Honda route).

This gearbox is unused and ready to go. Stored at Plansmotorsport along with my engine)

Cost me in excess of 3k but will accept 2K for it.

Steve T

With the dog gears is it a clutchless change up the gearbox ?
Can it be converted to a sequential shift pattern ?
What is the max MPH in 1st (taking max revs as 7500) ?


Yes you can go up through the gears with out using the clutch but using the clutch will prolong the life of the gear set. The changes are much quicker than with a synchro box but you have to be positive with it.

I don’t honestly know whether it can be converted to a sequential shift. I know quaiffe do a version of the gearbox in 6 speed sequential form but you would have to give them a ring.

Max speed in 1st gear at 7500 rpm - my car was a race car and did not have a speedo so I am guessing really. I would say around 45 mph but again quaife should be able to confirm this for you - I think all the ratios and relevant data are posted on their web site. Graham Horgan for Plans motorpsort would answer any questions you have also, just tell him you are enquiring about Steve Taylors gearbox.


Engine now sold so just the gearbox to go!

No budding racing drivers out there looking for one of these?

I would looove to have your gearbox, but just don’t have the dough at the moment

still available?
please e-mail me…