I have a flat rear right tyre. its an A039.

Both rear tyres have about 1000 miles of wear left on them anyway. Do I get both rears replaced with the A039 (which I dont fancy), or replace all four with something different? The fronts have a few mm left. I’m tempted to just replace all four and sell the fronts separately? Whats the best to go for for road use only?

Road use only?

A039’s are the best, but Toyos come close for road use and are much cheaper.
If I was you, I would go for the Toyos, all 4’s.


How many miles have you been getting out of your tyres, and how hard do you drive ??

It all depends on style - Uldis is right - the TOYOs are cheaper and ‘sensible’, but have less grip and more life than the 039s…

But we would encourage you to join us on track, in due course, and for that 048s are best…

I have a rear pair of a039 with abouit 3mm left ( will have to double check that ) and a front set of a039 with very scrubbed 2mm - quite happy to releave them to you Dan for a sensible price …


I had Toyo’s on my exige for a while… well a long while actually… the bleedin things are still in my garrage with about 3 foot of tread left on them… after 8000 miles and half a dozen track days…

I would only ever get them again if I wanted something to pootle about in… but then could I really pootle about in my exige ??.. mmmm… maybe not…

When I got A039’s on the difference was amazing… I am now of the opinion that ther is no point in fitting anything that ain’t at least as good as A039’s (but i would be willing to experiment a bit… Kumho??) to my mind the whole point of exige is grip, handling and jumpin all over most everything else by punching way beyond its weight (or my capability) so I urge you to think very carefully about Toyo on the exige, unless its to sve your sticky rubber for good days and the track…

best wishes

Rox I remember following you round Knockhill when you had the Toyo’s on, it was amazing watching your car sliding all over the place when going through the twisty stuff, whilst mine with the A039’s was stuck like glue to the track.


Tyre pressure too high?

Ho toyo ho !!

Thanks for the opinions.

I phoned round yesterday and am getting the A039’s fitted tomorrow. Cant be having less grip than I’m used to.

Tyre pressure too high?

Oh yee of the short memory… or else youve been sniffin too much epoxy resin over the last week…

You drove my car with Toyo’s and agreed that my handling difficulties were tyre related - remember 4-wheel drifts and stuff, all very progressive but not making for quick lap-times…

Anyway I tried a few tyre pressures (not as much as I could have) but I think the tyre is simply better suited to heavier cars and the side-wall feels like it flexes too much and kinda folds in on itself when the cornering gets tough. Also on the road, in the wet they gave me a few frights and for all everyone says I don’t think they are any better than A039’s. But then I wasn’t so familiar with the car at the time as I am now…

Ahhh, yes, it’s coming back… Now I remember.
Naah, it was just a case of replying too fast. For a second I thought he meant you were sliding with the 39’s
(mental note: read posts twice before replying)

Too much resin fumes make you

And now? next set is going to be 48’s?