Does anyone have any data on the Power Train Projects 220hp engine? Looking for more hp and would like to know if anyone has had any problems with it.ThanksRoy

I have been looking at the PTP 220 engine as well, but was a little turned off by the price >> $17k is a bit too much for 30hp >>> almost $500 per hpThere are other options. QED sells a 220hp kit for the VHPD. I don’t have the catalog in front of me, but I think the price was closer to $4-5k. That seems about right. If you drop them a line they will send a free catalog right to you. I had mine in less than a week. On the Lotus BBS, someone recently mentioned that Dave Andrews performed mods to a VHPD to get 220hp and the cost was like $2k. In a recent issue of Sportscar, Quaife stated that they have a 220hp+6speed sequential kit in the works for about $12k U.S.>> Sounds like a bargain, so I’m just trying to be patient and see what Quaife has to offer. There are a lot of other nice bits to buy in the meantime. mag wheels, carbon bits, etc … and I still have a lot of room to grow as a driver.

If you get someone to port the head and use an aftermarket ECU like the Emerald then you’ll be up around 210Bhp, throw in a smaller diamater 4-2-1 manifold like an EBD and you’ll also get a much larger increase in the midrange power.With hotter cams and you can expect 220bhp but your then getting to the maximum duty cycle of the injectors - i.e. you’ll need bigger ones.Porting - �500ECU - �600EBD - �350As far as I know the PTP isn’t supplied as a kit but a complete engine so in reality your paying for a new engine you don’t need.However if you do go that route (Remember you’ll get a warranty with it which you won’t if you go DIY) then let me know and I will make you an offer on the engine you take out…Check Dave’s site at | Breaking News, Sport, Features and Video - HTH!Rich.

PTP are about to launch a new lower cost Evo engine. This one is rated at 208bhp. Again they will sell you the completed engine - but its likely to be more like �7.5k.Bearing in mind you can sell you existing one for a few thousand - the upgrade will cost you about the same as a TT supercharger.Owen

Is it only me or is everything on this site soooooo old?I have to add to the above don’t spend silly money to add 15% to what you already have, in defence to PTP they are sellign a complete! engine with ancilleries and warranty it for 12 months, so it MUST be bullet proof, you already have the engine so just go for the upgrades, head work, ECU, different inlet system depending how old your current motor is etc,