PTP evo 220?

Well now that we have our 190HP kits up and running what do we need to add to our 1.8 K series VHPD units to bring them up to PTP’s 220 evo spec as seen in the FEB 01 EVO mag?Best RegardsSJP

PTP system is circa. �12KFor the same money you can get upgraded to 260BHP with a TurboTechnics supercharger system.

Do you have dates for when your car goes in for its upgrade David ?

Spoke to Rob at TurboTechnics today, he’ll speak to the workshop blokes and will call me later today giving me a firm booking-in date (hopefully early March). Fingers crossed !

Admin5:I have heard that is the cost of a new PTP 220 engine. My question is what can I do to my VHPD 190 (2000 Elise 190s) to make it an evo 220. I think the bottom ends are the same. Seems to me that I would need the supersports exhaust, exige/340R header, revised ecu and possibly a new head. Any thoughts?Best RegardsSJP

SJPHave you had a look at PTP’s website?

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere in this forum, I contacted PTP with the same question, and they said it’s not possible to upgrade to the evo spec. You have to buy a new engine!I’m sure it would be possible, but I don’t know if it would be economic.

Its just basically some head porting, and probably some different cams and different exhaust manifold to keep the midrange power.The head on Exiges/190 VHPD Elises/caterhams etc. is as cast - No porting done at all. Most of these (according to Dave Andrews) are quite poorly aligned with regard to inlet ports, valve stems etc. There are loads of things that can be done to a VHPD engine that will get you up to 220Bhp quite easily. A modestly ported head will have you over 200Bhp.Check out

It’d cost about �2000 max to get to 220Bhp from what you’ve got now. You just need a good head porting bloke. (or woman)

How much is the Turbo Technics upgrade?A

Thank you Rich B, my thoughts exactly regarding the head. PTP has been holding all their cards close to their vests. The bottom end appears to be the same between the evo & the VHPD. There were rumors that the cylinder linings were different but I have not been able to confirm this. The VHPD Elise 190S were produced with the stock header and sport exhaust. I would need to replace the header with the exige/340R unit and install the super sport exhaust. Then my question is�with the increased airflow would I need more fuel to go with it. I understand that Janspeed & Lotus are working on a revised ecu that provides appropriate fuel for these improvements. Does PTP use a revised ecu?Any thoughts?Many thanksSJP

quote:Originally posted by Rod:Do you have dates for when your car goes in for its upgrade David ?26th of March the car is going in.Later than hoped [image][/image]

NAL190S,I have a 340R/Exige manifold if you want one…However you’d be better off switching the whole lot for a Exhausts by Design/QED 4-2-1 type which dramtically bolsters your midrange torque.If you mean just adding the different manifold would mean a new ECU then I don’t think so - It gets a power benefit by being more efficient from what the ECU is already pushing in, shouldn’t require any more fuel.To get 220Bhp however you definately will, and possibly some new larger injectors as the std. ones won’t do a shed load more than 200BHP. I don’t know if the 190/VHPD/Exige comes with different injectors than the std Elise but i doubt it.

Rich BHow much was your EBD/QED 4-2-1 manifold?Are you running it with the supersports exhaust?I talked to Dave Andrews, after porting and a new exhaust manifold the increased air flow would require a re-map or new ecu.I wonder what ecu PTP uses?SJP

I’ve got the Exhausts by design Manifold. It was �350 all in, Stainless steel. The QED is about �480, comes in 3 bits for easier fitting.My car came as standard with the Janspeed sports exhaust (Std. on the Exige?) so thats all its got. CAT still on as well, will try it without it but I think it’ll be too noisey.

I have enjoyed the discussion of turbo/super charger systems on our cars. 300+ bhp would be awesome, but after reading Dave Andrew’s K Series tuning page shouldn’t we all be pulling our heads off for some good old fashion porting? Seems 230+ normally aspirated BHP would be pretty exciting (maybe even more so than a supercharged set up). As Nick Adams says “…a turbocharged engine will make achieving the sensitivity and balance we all love so much in the Elise almost impossible to achieve. Give me a responsive naturally aspirated engine every time.” [image][/image]SJP[This message has been edited by NAL190S (edited 22 March 2001).]