Proud New Exige Owner

I finally did it, after much trawling through this site, and seeing pretty much every Exige in the country, I am now the proud owner of Mr Paul Aram’s Gun Metal Exige, which, I have to agree is quite possibly the sexiest Exige there is…Love the car, equally as much fun as the Viper, but for very very different reasons. Can’t wait for first track day experience with it…Even though I have only had it for a week and a bit, I can’t get the insane grin off my face, even when I am driving something else!I’m in the Oxford area, so if anybody is local and wants to hit up for some fun, give me a shout! Infact I heard there is an Exige in Oxford? who’s is that ?-Gman

Gunmetal - good man!Welcome to the club.Ian [image][/image]

Gman surprised we haven’t met! - must have viewed dozen or so Exiges in past 2 months before bought mine. Gunmetal - v. tasty. If Exige ownership/fun half as good as enthusiasts on here suggest then I’m going to be one hell of a happie chappie. Maybe see you on the track.Cheers Simon

Simon, which one did you go for ? We may have checked the same cars out !I’ve only been in for a few hours in total, but I am now finding it hard to concentrate at work, with the girlfriends, friends, family, and in sleep! Praying for dry roads for this weekend.I am sure dry tarmac will be the hunting ground very shortly.Trevour’s Exige, has me thinking of ultra close ratio gear boxes…

GmanLooked in at Storm, Nick Whale, HRO, Mattys, CN, 1 at E Type Centre, Hillfoot, three private, inc an immac Chrome Orange - missed that one, went for private one (New Ali)on Autotrader web page - pure fluke as was on verge of buying another - 2000miles, never been in rain, totally mint, bought it day it went on sale - not cheap tho’- budget totally blown - bliss doesn’t come cheap! You know when you’ve met your perfect partner!!!

Gman, sounds like you’ve done your research and got a good one. I live just North of Oxford, but I’m sure there’s others around as well. Would certainly be able to meet up some time.Mark

quote:Originally posted by Gman:Trevour’s Exige, has me thinking of ultra close ratio gear boxes…GmanWelcome to the wonderful world of Exiges [image][/image]UCR box is great on most tracks, but would be tiresome for road use - really needs a sixth/overdrive gear. After you’ve tried your car on track (as well as on the road) with the standard box, I doubt you’d want to swap it for the UCR @�3k plus!I take it that you haven’t bought Paul’s trailer too?

Simon, sounds like you have a corker! That wasn’t the one up at Romford was it? As Paul and I were shaking hands on a deal, haydon lotus called me, but due to back cell phone reception, did not go through. Probably a blessing in disguise. Haydon found a deep purple Exige with 900 miles, the one that Caterham have. not sure if they still have it… 900 miles? thats un heard of surely?How did you get on at Storms? (of Leicester) I was up there (formaly CD Bramhills?) and was treated abysmally. They lost a sale. However, Lotus did come back to me, after an informative customer feedback letter, and did a great job of sorting CD Bramhills out, but it was a tad to late. Cudos to Lotus though.Hopefully see you at the next track event.!

Mark,If there are other exstatic Exige oweners around oxford, sounds like a meet up is required. I have seen a laser blue Exige around Oxford and Chipping Norton, that not yours is it?Drop me an email offline if you want to hook up, [email protected]

Methinks an oportunity exists for the sale of sun visors and leisure wear Mr Pesky ! [image][/image]

Pesky,Yeah, I have heard similar feedback regarding the UCR. Although Quaife’s (sp?) 6 speed box looks interesting…but v. expensive…I think I will be playing in the Exige as is for a bit! And no, I did not pick up the trailer, but I could be tempted by one soon!

Gman - know what you mean about Storm, weren’t interested in letting me test drive a car - probably lost my sale too!! - money was burning big hole in pocket at the time - had to have an Exige!!

RobS - where do you get those visors from???

quote:Originally posted by simon:RobS - where do you get those visors from???Me! [image][/image]Cost �18 (incl p&p). I need to know background colour & also lettering/logo colour. Most popular is black background with silver lettering. Mail me your address if you want one.My car is laser blue, so background is silver plus blue lettering. JohnC’s car is chrome orange, so he has black background with orange letters.

GmanMy wife and i both have Exige’s we live in Steventon [image][/image]Phil & Trudy

The Chipping Norton sightings are probably me. I have a lazer blue car and my office is in Chippy, not that I use the Exige very often for the office run.Anyway, glad to join in with a pub meet.Mike[This message has been edited by 83man (edited 15 November 2002).]

Gman and 83man, I’m in the vicinity of Chippy so a North Oxford meet would seem to be a possible option?Mark

Sounds like we have a pub session on, somewhere on the oxfordshire mud… Today was pretty good, first dry roads for a while, so I had to bring the Exige into work… I hope dry roads are on the forecast…I sense a bash comming up. Where? when?

[image][/image] If it was a w/e lunchtime could well be up for a dash down to Oxfordshire.

Sorry, I’ve been AWOL for a bit, busy as hell, this week is going to be a bit tough, but next week/weekend could be good to meet up? I’m in the Burford area, so not far from chippy, work in Oxford. Maybe we could rally all oxfordshire Exiges, and any other locals with Exiges to meet for a lunch ?