Proper Racing…

Well as a bit of a change from all the hard-hitting Engine stuff, I thought I�d post this:


I�ve gotta say I thought it was stunning! And something a little more light-hearted for a dull evening.


This is what I call racing!
Unforgettable moments

good call

Nice one, guess there should be some pretty good compilations out there of tourings car footage from the 80’s

If you want to try it out…

If you want to try it out… >


nice one

I was the Data Analyst (the person who sets up, monitors and interprets the data) for the Nissan Team during '98 and '99. They were great times and even though I’ve gone on to higher profile things subsequently I’ll always have a soft spot for that time. Mind you, Reid was robbed on that occasion!

I once saw Matt Neal so hungover after a night out following tire test in Italy that he struggled to get down some steps in an airport…