Project Satsuma

So I dropped off my S1 Exige with Dan at HPE two weekends ago, I don’t expect to see it again until 2017…let’s see where this goes. :wtf:



Expensive! (But worth it) :slight_smile:

Dan doesn’t do cheap, just worth it :smiley:

Rob - my car came back from Dan this morning, and have to say he is brilliant, only place I’ll send my car now. He transformed it’s low speed driveability, and managed to find an extra 14bhp on the rolling road - a top bloke. I know your in it for more than my visit, but every success with the project. Keep the updates coming.

Isn’t there an unwritten rule that photos must be posted with mods?

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Cheers James, Dan dropped me a message to say the results were good with the VHPD. It would be good to hear what you think to the drivability of your car now it’s been fettled with.

Dan is a good guy, I first spoke to him around 18 months ago and although these builds take time it will be worth it in the end.

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So what roughly are you having done Rob? Are you going Honda?

So when do we start seeing progress Rob?

Ben - going K20 yes but the 2.2 HPE/Clockwise route with ITB’s. If I (Dan) can get away with not having to cut the bulkhead then that would be great naturally. Over the subframe mani and exhaust and then all the good things that come with a conversion like this (plumbed in extinguisher, PA Fuel tank, oil coolers, zircotec for the exhaust etc). Dan is very meticulous in his conversions but I have given him a free rule (pretty much!) to change things as he sees fit.

JF - I think Dan may start on mine in the next fortnight or so; he is just finishing the previous build at the moment.

I did not want to go with FI for two reasons really; one is the heat and then the additional weight that comes with trying to cure this. Secondly, I believe that keeping it NA (although screaming to 8800) keeps it kind of close to the original ethos of the car.

Would love a go in that spec car… does he have any dynoplots of that spec ?

I’ll post one up Dave, sure I have one on my phone.

And you’re welcome to have a go when I get it back.

Yeah that does sound awesome

Yeah, love my charged car but if I were to have my time again that sounds like the perfect spec. Well done, we’ll all be disappointed if it’s not out to play at the 2017 Exige’s day!! (I’ll get busy on that when the EE trip is out the way)

I will too Ben, I’ve only been promising to come to one for the last two years or so!

At the mo the rough estimated numbers are 295ish bhp and 210ish lbs/ft…and that’s on the dyno of truth :wink:

In short it’s a revelation really, I do think my car was out of tune, but it’s town speed driving was really painful, it felt the revs and gears never matched, so I was compensating constantly when driving slowly to deliver smooth progress. It screamed along at the other end of the scale mind you :smiley:

Now it feels as smooth as I think a VHPD gets, ive only driven it for 45 mins since getting it back but it ticks along happily in traffic or village speeds, and has great delivery up to 8k when winding it out. Ultimately it just feels totally useable.

Parking mine, I read your last comment about your cars spec, can you explain it in lay mans terms for me! Really interested :sunglasses:

It will be proper awesome (not to mention damn quick) if it makes those sorts of figures… sounds fantastic - what ECU does he use ?

Here’s one plot Dave…

VHPD out…