Project car

�24K’ish for an '06 220 S + Sinclaire Tune and Injectors (�1200)= �26K all in for a 260bhp '06 car with sports pack and aircon… hmmm…

Anyone wanna buy mine?

Where are you going to buy an S for 24k?!

(that wont have high miles?!)

Miles are on the high side but not silly

That’s Mr Shaggy’s car

Nice car for the money assuming there is a deal to be done.

I’m just working out how to explain to my wife why I need to buy another Exige without selling my existing one first. It’s worked in the past with other cars but I think she’s getting wise to it

Are you near to me Tony? (Bmth)

Might be worth a go in mine or Ade’s before you take the plunge?

Thanks for the thought. I’m a good 170 miles away but if I get close (wife permitting!) I’ll be in touch.

The idea really does appeal, it’s just the thought of having 5 cars in a two driver household that I just cannot justify any more. A couple of years ago I had a 911, two M3’s and and X5 all insured and sitting idle while I used a rusty old Jeep everyday. Where I live is a little “rural” to say the least!

Problem for me is my Exige is a true toy in the sense that it is a third (maybe even fourth) car and it only gets used for fun. It’s been in the garage for 2 weeks waiting for a dry day so I could go out and hammer it on my favourite roads. Total waste really, something I intend to address this Autumn when I return from my “sabatical” in the sun. Going to book a walshy day and if I can get the exhaust sorted get back on track (after many years) at Combe for at least one day a month through the winter when I have time to kill.

Will be looking at the options though and <�26K for a “proper” toy really has it’s appeals. I bought an Exige as a tester before looking to an older F360/430 but I have to say the Exige (with another 50-60 hp) would give me every bit as much enjoyment and save a small/big(!) fortune. Based on my experience to date I could not justify a Fezza unless I got a new job or won the lottery (which won’t happen because I don’t do it!) Plus, wifey wants a new X5 so thats my fezza out the window for now

Might just stick mine in the classified, I can excuse �4-6K without wife-type intervention