Problems getting into 2nd

I was out for a run last night anda couple of times changing down through the gears it felt like I couldnt get into 2nd. The car has had the recall done, just wondered if it was something anyone had experienced. It hasnt done it in the time I have had the car, but did it twice within 5mins last night.



I have occasional problems 2nd-3rd … what was the recall?

Funnily enough I have just had the recall done and am having the same problem. It is more difficult to get into 2nd and makes a more pronounced clunk than before. The car is currently in having another issue sorted and I have asked them to check it out. I’ll let you know the outcome.

Recall was for a new gear stick as some were snapping off.

I had this problem when car was new, dealer said that the rubber guide in the gating needed adjusted, has been fine in 2nd since though can be resistant getting into 1st, have mentioned it several times to dealer who say nothing wrong. Hoping that when I get around to arranging the recall they will sort it and also clean out under the seats. Does anyone regularly remove their seats to clean out the dirt that builts up or have i just got lazy and am not cleaning enough.