Problem with uprated Cobra 6422 alarm/immob

Hi, I have an 1999 S1, with the uprated Cobra 6422 alarm/immobiliser.Recently when I press the large button on key fob to deactivate alarm/immob, the lights all blink once as normal, but then the nearside 3 lights (rear, side repeater, and front) remain on. Even the indicator lamp on instrument panel remains on as well!They are not flashing, but permanently on!Thus indicators dont work when in this state. The easy solution at the moment is simply to activate then deactivate the alarm/immob and this clears it every time. Very strange and beginning to get a bit annoying, since when I come back to the car, before I can use it I have to press the button 3 times now!!Anyone had similar problems, and was it expensive. I have a type B service in a week or so, so I guess I can get it repaired then.Thanks,Brian.

For anyone who is interested, I got this fixed (sort of). The problemseemed to be a faulty relay (for the nearside amber lights) inside theCobra unit. The only way of fixing this properly was to replace theunit, costing approx �400!I chose option B instead which was to de-activate the nearside amberlights from the alarm circuitry. So now only offside amber lightsflash when the alarm is armed/disarmed or sounding. Only a minorinconvenience and saved me a lot of cash [image][/image]Bri

Good tip that - another one on the Cobra is that when the battery is replaced in the remote control the code wipes, so replace the batteries in both remotes before re-coding.

Not sure I agree that changing the battery wipes the code…it shouldnt.I have some boxed 6422s from the lotus factory. (they sold off the S1 stock).I only want �200 which includes the cobra unit, immobiliser unit, key fobs (elise branded ones) and all wiring etc. I think they were about �600 from Lotus. If you have any more probs / want a spare they’re a great idea. I think the key fobs themselves are pretty dear from Cobra / lotus.anyway. here’s what there is for the cash.