Problem with second gear


Has anyone had any problems with second gear? Did my first trackday today and at first car was fine but after a while I started to struggle for second and eventually it locked me out totally.
It must be temp related as if the car was left to cool it would start to work again but as soon as it got hot it just went the same way, really difficult then locked me back out.
Drive home was fine and car is now working normally on the road.
My worry is that when it goes in to the dealer all will appear normal as it obviously needs to be really warm for it to happen.



Hope this isn’t taken the wrong way but it seems like there’s always something wrong with your cars?


Hope this isn’t taken the wrong way but it seems like there’s always something wrong with your cars?


So what are you saying? how am I not supposed to take it the wrong way?
I had some bad luck with my first exige, I am having a niggle with my second. This is my fourth Lotus after two trouble free ones and lots of other trouble free cars.
If you have nothing useful to say dont say it.


Seems unusual.

Is it under warranty?

What fluid does it have in it?

It does sound heat related, and it might imply that the fluid isn’t doing its job, or isn’t being circulated correctly.

If it’s binding in second due to heat, i’d be looking to drain it all off and inspect for any wear debris particles.

Can’t picture the internals of the Exige gearbox though.

Hey Boothy,

Agree with Mark drain the g/box oil and have a good look at it for debris. Maybe check first that the level is correct…

If really low could (possibly) explain why it goes away when hot.

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might be as simple as mis-alignment of the H-plate vs the stick

Cant see oil effecting specifically 2nd gear? wouldnt it effect them all if it was oil related?
My guess is, if it is locking you out when it is warm, its through something expanding with heat

Yep by why is it getting hot? This implies there is more than normal friction, or the oil is not disippating heat correctly.

The alignement suggestion is also a good one.

Cheers for replys guys, sorry for my second post just did not need that after spending half my first trackday on the pit wall
Flew out on holiday on saturday so this is my first time logging in after leaving my other half by the pool

Ok, basically car has been faultless on the road and was ok for my first session on track but on my second session second gear started to get difficult after about 7 laps or so, I could force it in but eventually it locked me out toatally.
If I went straight in when it happened, as soon as I slowed in the pits I could get it back in 2nd gear but it would only last a lap if I went straight back out again. If I carried on doing 3rd gear laps after loosing 2nd it would take 5mins to get it back in gear. Only 2nd was affected, I tried doubling the cluch and blipping revs etc but it made no difference.
The only thing I cannot remember now is if the gate was locked once the engine was off and I have a feeling it may of been tho…
However when it happened the gate to 2nd felt totally locked out, I had a linkage problem on my old 111s but that just caused the box to go stiff when hot, no self centre etc…
Car is not 12 months old yet and I will book it in once home, was just hoping someone may have a clue as I have booked teeside for the 5th sep again

better go before the missus kills me