Problem after problem! :(

Ok after my head gasket went last month my car has been running well! Last night I took it for a bit of a trip over to Cheshter go Karting and on the way the engine note changed! This morning I jacked the car up and found that my elise parts manifold has started cracking around one of the welds thats sits under the sump and also seem to have developed a big oil leak comig from somewhere its engine oil and not gearbox oil arrrr any ideas why my manifold has cracked? It had a cat replacment pipe which is a flexi one. The car also pop and bangs allot on the over run would this cause it?

Thanks James

have you been booting the car from cold? I dont know if sudden temperature changes would cause a problem like that?

Poping and banging was an option at the dealers when new and everyone selected it (sorry - that probably wont help will it).

My Elise manifold cracked when I tried to repair the flexi pipe. Is the whole thing able to flex enough?

Make sure all the cam cover bolts are nipped up (not too tight)

You could get a can of spray gunk and carefully hose it down to see where it’s coming from.

Personally if your not that mechanical take it to a specialist asap as they will probably have seen the problem b4??


Hi Simon

Thanks for the reply I will check the cam cover bolts tommorow.

I have had someone look at the manifold and apparently its an old model manifold elise parts sold years ago and has been welded before but as its on an original weld it shouldn’t be a problem to weld again as the new manifolds have slip joints. Going to have my engine mounts check and maybe purchase a engine stabiliser.