Pro Alloy do it again!!

A huge thanks to Wayne and the guys at Pro Alloy. As I have mentioned in my rebuild post I am changing the water system again and I came to the conclusion on Tuesday afternoon that I needed a new header tank.

So I called up Wayne at about 3:30pm on Tuesday afternoon and described to him over the phone what I needed and said I needed it by Friday. Well it turned up in the post today and it is the business. Its exactly how I wanted it with 1 19mm feed to the engine and 4 bleed type returns of differing sizes.


I have said this before and I will say it again, if anyone needs any tanks or rads or any one off ally fabrication work doing, you will not get a better product or service than from these guys.


looks good Sean
have you sorted my Rad out yet?


That will be a no, but I have been in London for the past two days.

Will do it tomorrow.


No Worries, Thanks Mate