Principle of airflow from the roof scoop into the tailgate of the S1?

A previous owner of my Exige S1 opened the tailgate/roof scoop housing to change the airflow.
(See picture) However, I am afraid that part of the flow now escapes directly through the grille above with no effect.

As I understand it, the air is supposed to sizzle through the tailgate housing into the side openings/slots, thereby bringing in air from both sides.
Now I have closed this “artificial” opening with tape and blown air into it from the front with a hairdryer. I attached very thin strips (light wind ribbons) to the side slits of the tailgate.
Result: Zero. Nothing comes in at all.

Question: Can anyone explain the original air flow to me, or does anyone know about the functional principle that Lotus came up with for the S1?


I have always assumed it does exactly what you have detected, nothing, at least nothing significant.

I just assumed that the top vent is to let the rising heat out, and the roof scoop flow is to provide (fast) low pressure air over this vent, to help pull the hot air out. I’m sure the side vents provide in-flow to balance this out, but not the ram-air effect people imagine.

Or maybe it’s just for looks! :smile:

it does very little, dont forget the original design came from the motorsport division which had a scoop leading to a vented engine cover, it also had no hinge blocking the airflow too. Inside the frame it is filled with tiger seal to stop water traveling beyond the slots and pooling around the latch