Pricing for the US

Does anyone know the conversion for the price of the Exige in the US. Also im only a teenager, but when i saw this car i got hooked, (posters,screensavers, everything). One question is in the car industry if they are making a car u want in a another country but not in the US can u buy it there and then hav it shipped back over. 2nd question is, will i have any problems driving it here in the US and last, what is the price for the Exige in the US I was guessing like 33,000 but im not sure. So if u know that answers to any of these questions juz reply.ThxBlood X

There’s a few US Exiges owners on this site, try a bit of a search, they’re likely to have more of an idea on cost.I think you may find it difficult to drive an Exige on the road in the States, due to legislation. I’m not sure is passes.In the UK you’d find it v.difficult to get insured as a teenager.But your very right to have a lust for some so wonderful!Ian [image][/image]

The Exige is not road-legal in the US.New Exiges for the track can be had for $57,000 by contacting Lotus USA. I believe they have 3 new ones available.All cars available are fully outfitted for track use.Even if you ship a car to the States - it isn’t road legal - FYI

Can u make a car road legal by modifying it to US standards. I will be so happy if u can , and has anyone done it before and can u tell me the price for doing the modification. Thx Blood X

I seem to remember one of the problems was the A-pillar was too close to the head. Now that is going to be difficult to modifiy! It’s not as if you can move any further back in the cabin!

OK - how about this - If you spend enough money you can make it road legal…I think.It doesn’t meet crash tests, it doesn’t meet emissions.There is lots of work to do to make it legal.