Hi folks

Anyone know the new costs of the following:-

Motorsport front splitter
Roll cage - A-frame & diagonal.


Russ - this might help on one point about MS Spoiler


Just had a look at my invoice last night - splitter is �283, and the other two aluminium panels to fit it means a total of �350 + VAT. Russell at Lotus MS might give you a discount if you ask nicely - c. 10%. Obviously paint is on top of that.

Not sure about the roll cage, although there is somebody selling one in the classifieds on SELOC but minus the bracket to hold the diagonal if thats any help. GrahamH on there usually has a few bits and pieces he is trying to get rid of as well…


Ok, cheers chaps. Have already located the bits, need new price to arrive at an agreeable second hand price. Whats the norm, 50% ish?

Yeah - about that! BTW wing arrived but was wrong - the mounting points were too far apart, so will be another 2-3 weeks…


OK Mark, no worries. Looks like I cannot do owt with it yet anyway, bleedin shoulder…