Price of 190 upgrade ??????

How much should i be paying for the 190 upgade!!!
I rang two lotus dealers and was quoted �1000 from the first and �640 from the second


Firstly, don’t bother with the Lotus 190 ECU, get an Emerald The Lotus ECU is not mappable & to be honest, doesn’t help the engine at its best or smoothest!

If I recall, the 190 Upgrade comprises ECU (swap or re-flash), 82C thermostat, inlet cam pulley & de-cat pipe. Cost was about �1000 including fitting by the dealer. However, it was also recommended to fit the Janspeed Supersports silencer, which was another �500. These prices are excluding VAT.

Seriously, get the 82C thermostat, then go to Emerald & have them fit the ECU & map it on their rolling road. That should cost approx. �1000 plus vat.

And of course a pair of vernier pullies to time the cams… Dave Andrews if your man for that

I totally agree - the 190 upgrade is IMHO a con.

The Emerald can be yours for life in this car and the next and the next !!

I already have the supersports exhaust, and i really dont want to lose the air con which i understand is not compatable with the emerald ecu.!!!

Didn’t know that - sorry

I have also looked at this but have decided since the aircon is hopeless I will go the Emarald route when I get around to it.


Your right - the Emerald will not directly work the aircon system - the very same reason I went to a 190 Lotus ECU ( of which I am sure there must be a few going cheap somewhere now ?? - dont all shout at once ? )

So if you could get a cheap 190 ECU - you just need to change the thermostat ( worth doing anyway ) and get DVA or someone to fit some very nears to get the cam timing right - which ( for me ) made a big difference ( and mine was close to being right …). Alternative is give DVA a call he may still have my “190 pulley”.

However … I did hear or read ( I think ), and I cant find it anywhere now though … about a “black box” available in I think HK or Malaysia that worked with the Emerald to allow the con air to work as intended.

Having gone down the 190 route at 650 quid, I would rather spend 1000 quid on an Emerald a black box and a proper cam timing set up … ( yes its that different … )


I just happen to know a man who I’m 99% positive is in the market to sell a Lotus 190 ECU. I’ll send you a private message with his phone number

I have a 190 pulley for sale for a few squids

Chris YHM