Pretty impressed with the Yota reliability

We always get to hear about “the things that went wrong” with our Toyota Exiges. I would like to state a few points which I’ve been pretty surprised by during my 4 years of S2 Exige ownership.

  1. The ticker on my mileage has now surpassed 75,000 miles.
  2. The car has done ~15 track days.
  3. The original clutch lasted 50k miles. The uprated Lotus Sport Clutch still feels like new after 25k miles with additional torque.
  4. The engine had an aftermarket supercharger fitted at 50k miles and has done 25k miles with zero engine or performance issues.
  5. The car still pulls hard and smooth.
  6. You can drive the car to a track, drive flat out all day and then drive it back home. It’s not failed once in ~15 track days.

I wonder how long this will continue? We think the Yota is good for well over 100k miles?

I agree, even when broken my car still made it home, 300 miles from Spa to Essex with a broken gearbox having no 3rd gear. :frowning:
You realise you have just cursed both our cars :frowning:

If any breakages occur today, send all bills to blacktoy :slight_smile:

My old S2 exige did 18k of track miles in my hands… Never missed a beat :neutral_face:)

I ve had 2 Exiges - N/A and S-PP. 30k+ miles on each one.

My PP wiped the cam lobes at 25k miles: done under warranty. Oil always kept topped up, no buzzed gear changes at all. Bad luck I guess. Clutch went at 30k.

My N/A - 2 clutches in 25 k miles; and a gearbox rebuild under warranty. I did treat that car roughly however! Uprated the clutch second time round.

They are good engines, if lacking charisma.

Over 45k / 120ish trackdays

7k - re-loom due to electrical gremlin (good start a?)
15k/50 tdays - toe links
38k/100 tdays - cam lobes

maybe 20 sets tires / 10 sets brake pads / 4 sets front discs / 2 sets rear discs.

Still on original clutch, etc.