Pressures for 48's

Was thinking about my rather damaged 48’s at Zandvoort …

They were set at 23 / 26 and felt great for as few laps - came in and dropped them back down by at least 5 psi so about 22 / 24 - went out again felt good but started to go off after about 5 laps …

So dropped them down again so about 20 / 22 hot and they felt not so good as the higher pressure …

Wear is even accross the tread however … just really scrubbed and grained

My first real day on 48’s - but all advice I have is conflicting

HAving said that felt much more “slick” than the 39’s and off line the track was terrible covered in marbles

Andy, don’t know if it is right, but we run 28/32 hot! Feels good, but with harder springs…???

Gavan told me to use 28 hot all around, and it works !!

On my side, 24 warm all across, whatever it translates to. This has been checked with a pyrometer for even temps across the surface.
On an average day that would mean 19 front and 17 rear cold.

This way the pressures will be low for the first two laps, but once they heat up, they won’t go at all for the next hour (yes, I like to do 1 hr stints whenever I can)

And completely even wear pattern. With higher pressures I get wear in the middle of the tyres mostly… or they stat going after a few laps.

Cheers everyone

My mistake thinking I needed to go lower, which seemed to work with the 39’s

The higher pressures definately felt much better …

The 48’s seem to be very sensitive to pressures and temps, as I remember people trying to figure them out when they first came out.
The other day at Brands (SELOC day) the tires where fine when it was overcast, but had to be dropped 3 psi when the sun came out…my Formual R’s on the elise didnt give a toss about track temp variations, but the 48’s seem to have a narrower “good performance” range

22front/20rear measured when cold works best for me (with Nitrons)


Any idea if things will be different for the S2. manual recommends something like 26/28 cold

I used to run 24/25 on my 135r and all was well, so may try that.

Are you sure, that you do not mean 20 front / 22 rear (which is what I use)!?

Thomas, I did mean 22front and 20 rear. I found that running higher pressures than that at the back makes the car (and me) feel nervous, particularly on bumpy roads. I guess you have better roads in Switzerland

Any idea if things will be different for the S2. manual recommends something like 26/28 cold

If it’s of any use to you guys, the Exige S2 manual(also the 111R manual…cue Elise coupe gags) the pressures are indeed stated as 1.8bar(f) & 2.0bar(r)…(26lb/27.5lb) for the A048’s…& the Bridgestone jobbies for the 111R

No doubt the S1’s run a lower pressure, but it may give a pointer for the front/rear biase

Hope that helps.


They sound like road pressures to me Tim.