Pressure washer

Can anyone recommend me a pressure washer for light duties including washing my car? My Karcher is now spitting more water out of the body than the lance.

Ideal if I can get a karcher adapter for my snow foam lance …

Which? recommended the PArkside Lidl brand pressure washer for general pressure washing, It performed just as well as the more expensive brands. Perhaps it is noisier (wear ear protection for sure).

I’m not sure about using it on a car though. I bought one on their recommendation and it’s been brilliant for slabs and brick walls. There are two nozzle attachments, one which sprays at lower pressure dispersed pattern which I used to clean wheels on my daily runnabout.

Worth a look if still available.

My Nilfisk (C110?) is well on the way to Triggers Broom now as there’s a fairly good ‘aftermarket’ for them with hoses etc. The main body has never let me down and hasn’t been particularly well looked after, spent its first few years in an outdoor storage ‘bin’ that wasn’t protected from frost or anything like that and has been dragged around the drive on its face a few times.

I replaced the hose for a longer one and I swapped the main gun/handle bit after I stood on the old one :laughing: You would need a new foam lance adaptor tho I think if swapping from Karcher to Nilfisk.

I have a Kew Hobby which I must have had over 30 yrs ago and still working.

Only had to have the lance replaced after I ran over it

I’m on my second Karcher in 17 years. First one lasted 15yrs, the replacement is definitely not to the quality they used to be.

Just get one with a quality motor (cost more) and make sure you drain the hoses and machine fully before storing :thumbup: